November 22, 2010

The Dangers of Hibernating

I am on my computer almost all of the time. Mostly I use it for internet nonsense or for video games, because I am just that productive. My laptop and I are like best friends. I give it lots of attention and in return it keeps me warm and entertained.

Sometimes, not often though, it is time to go to bed. Sometimes, not often though, instead of clicking "shut down," I click hibernate on accident. That means the computer isn't completely turned off and will resume your session next time you turn it on. It's a heavier sleep than "sleep." And yes, you guessed it. That's why it's called "hibernate."

Sometimes, not often though, my computer and I don't always get along. Sometimes it likes to be mischievous when I tell it to hibernate.

Of course I don't really realize this until the next day.

My computer gives me all sorts of trouble when I try to wake it up from "hibernating." It freezes for a while and doesn't play nice with my mouse. It makes strange sounds. It doesn't respond to my commands. It gets unnecessarily violent. And then I remember why they really called that setting "hibernate." It all makes sense now. My computer is a freaking bear.

The moral of this story is that bears may keep you warm and entertained but they do not make very good pets.


  1. Love the artwork.
    Especially the one where her face is too high up :)

  2. I love the last picture the best hahaha.

  3. I'll keep an eye on my computer.. bears are everywhere nowadays!

  4. I'm just glad it wasn't a shark.

  5. "My computer is a freaking bear."
    I totally know what you mean, my last laptop was like that too.


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