November 14, 2010

My Friends Dance

There. I said it. They dance. And they seem to enjoy doing it.

I know, it's hard to understand at first, but you will just have to accept it as fact. And despite their strange habits and customs, they're still my friends and I accept them for who they are.

BUT I DO NOT DANCE. It is not physically possible for me to have any sort of coordination with my body when it comes to busting moves. Seeing me dance must be a terribly embarrassing event to witness. I am so self conscious on top of the fact that I have absolutely no idea what to do. I am a very sedentary being who is a watcher, listener, and a thinker.. NOT a doer.

My dancing friends seem to like to try and coerce me into dancing with them. For the safety of others, I can't allow this. I make up ten thousand excuses to try to back my decision. Global warming will get worse if I raise my body temperature. I think I left the oven on. Oh look at my phone, I better not look away from it in case I get a text message. But alas, they are persistent and I am passive.


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