June 28, 2011

What Happens at Work.. Goes on the Internet

SO it's been a while..

I moved out like three hours away so I had to quit my fantastic job..

So I thought I'd share some highlights and some things I learned from those job times.

Sitting in a chair all day is very hard work. It makes us hungry.. all day long.

To entertain ourselves, we make pretend-drama.

But keeping yourself entertained at work (so you stay sane) can arouse suspicion.

So you learn to get pro with your cover stories.

Sometimes at work, people want to talk to you.

But our team is not always there. Sometimes we are at lunch. Sometimes we have somehow managed to take a synchronized bathroom break. Usually this is triggered by domino affect: the first person (usually) legitimately needs to use the restroom. The rest of us would take notice and start thinking how nice a little break sounds.

And sometimes.. I wonder what people thought of our area as they walked by..

The most amazing thing about the office environment is the availability of seemingly endless coffee. The second most amazing thing about the office environment is that after 8 hours of staring at a screen, the most simple of accomplishments will begin to appear to be ingeniously creative breakthroughs.

Sometimes casual conversation happens.

Sometimes you just want to listen to music. Sometimes technology will be out to spite you at your most desperate music-craving moments.

And the most important rule of the office environment is that all office supplies are toys.

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  1. Looks like you got a lot of experience at that job. They don't teach that in college. Maybe in the dorms.


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