September 04, 2011

The Sicks

I am sick.  I am so sick that I really have nothing to do besides talk about how sick I am.  I don't even really feel well enough to play video games.  Like, what is up with that?  Seriously?

So since Vitamin C is supposed to be like armor kits for your immune system, I thought it would be a super great idea to eat some oranges.  Why?  Because oranges have Vitamin C in them, duh.  Also because they are the most delicious fruit I know of.

The boyfriend was nice enough to go to the store and get a few supplies for me to help battle my sicks.

He brought back four oranges!  Supreme jackpot.

I cut one up into slices, because, that's what you do, and proceeded to eat it.  The suspense is literally murdering you to death right now.

Well, it turns out that when your tonsils are super inflamed with pain and possessed by Satan himself, citric acid causes pain.  Good thing the boyfriend bought four oranges and a whole bottle of freakin' orange juice.

But it's okay.. when all hope was lost, the Tums came.  They came and they saved me.  Their basic base properties of some science stuff made me all better.

I loves Tums.

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