November 25, 2011


On this blog's Facebook page, I asked people to make hand turkeys in honor of Thanksgiving things so that I could have some sort of user-generated content to post on my blog.  After begging and even  bribing people into doing a super crazy fun activity, here are the four whole submissions: 

(Also note that no one followed directions.  You can find the directions on the Facebook page.  And don't be afraid to give it a "like" while you're there.)

My dad's turkey:
It is a colored hand, not even a turkey.  And he didn't write his name on it.

Kyle's Turkey:
 He didn't even trace his hand.  He just used the instructions I made as a sort of template and made fun of me for spilling water all over my whole desk at work.  Also he made the turkey literally "knife hands."

Boyfriend's turkey:
He looked up pictures of actual turkeys and obsessed over details.  And then added a copyright symbol on the image.

My 5-year-old niece's turkey:
It isn't even a hand turkey but it is somehow better than all the turkeys submitted by adults.  So.. she wins the $5.

THANKSGIVING yesterday.. what am I thankful for?

I think my niece put it best when she said that she was thankful for "love."


  1. AW! I like them all. I would have drawn one for you, but i didn't know it was going on. I'm a terrible, but loyal, follower.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY! Make a birthday blog!

    1. I don't even remember what I was doing on my birthday. But there's always next year's Thanksgiving for turkey making!


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