April 23, 2012

Practice Makes Broken

I think I figured out why I am not very good at being a human and getting things done such as chores and talking on the phone and going outside.

It would have to be partially because of the times when I was small.

Normally, kids play-pretend-make-believe a game commonly called House.  I think you know what I'm talking about.  It's a role-playing game where you pretend you are a bunch of people or a family and you live life and do life things such as "cook" and "clean" and "go to the store" and "vanquish monsters near lava," etc.

This role-playing helps set a foundation of what is normal life stuff in a kid's mind.

I am fairly certain that I didn't get the proper practice.  Here are some high-quality photographs of the past:


  1. I totally never played house at all.
    ....I see your point.


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