June 15, 2012

Little Brother?

I was thinking a lot about the whole idea of "Big Brother" and various government things today

And I got to thinking.. If Big Brother exists, he has to have younger siblings.  That only makes sense because of his title.  Why are they so less mentioned, it not at all?  They are probably really important people worthy of attention.  Probably.  Maybe they are mentioned and I just haven't read all the books that have ever been made ever.

 They can be a real distraction to Big Brother when they go try to occupy things.  Their shenanigans  tend to get his attention.

 If you have ever had younger siblings, you know they are watching Big Brother probably more than he is watching them.

Just a random thought that I wanted to doodle in a semi-satirical way.. I'd go into more detail, but I think it's obvious that words are NOT my thing!

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