February 14, 2018

Feb 14th

❤️ May your Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, or Valenbro's Day be free of pop ups and microtransactions, and instead be full of love for others (and self love as well) ❤️


⚠️ BEWARE ⚠️

If you keep clicking "Next" from here, you will be traveling into the past. 
Back to when the quality of my doodles was not high.  Back to when
I thought un-funny things were funny.  (You mean the present?)  Hahahahahha..

If your eyes get stuck from eye-rolling and cringing too hard it's your own fault, I warned you!

However, they serve their purpose as evidence of transformation or progression
or something meaningful like that.  So I am going to leave them up
even though it hurts me.  Dear god, it hurts me so much. 
You're welcome, education community!

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