November 28, 2010

Gender Issues

I told myself I wouldn't make a post about World of Warcraft. But I don't listen.

I like to play a druid. I would like to say it is because of their versatility, being able to fulfill any roll and always being useful. But truthfully I just like turning into different animals. Two legs bad.

My character's race is Tauren, which is a strange combination of cow and people.. Also the only race that actually moos when you /moo. That's right. Deal with it.

A little while ago, the designers thought it would be a wonderful idea to update the 5-year-old druid animal forms models from the terrible atrocities they once were.

That was super amazing wonderful news.

The only problem that still really bothers me about the animal forms is that my female character turns into quite obviously male forms with burly manes and hefty beards. Last time I checked, lions and bears don't even have beards.

I don't think my character has time to have a sex change operation in the one second that it takes to turn into a cat or a bear.

It is just a game, afterall. Maybe it's magic.


  1. Haha, maybe you should just accept that all Taurens are male; and some are just more male than others.

  2. Tauren is the best race!

    Is that too racist?

  3. I'm pretty sure your racial slurs are illegal somewhere.


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