A long time ago some of my friends told me to put my doodles online, even though they were kind of bad.  They liked them anyway.  Back then, this thing started out as a sort of blog with doodles, but now I am trying to focus it more into a less confusing format known as "webcomic."  Do not worry though, on this .com site I will still have some words to go with them if you're into that.  Otherwise, you can find them sans-weird-musings on various social media sites.  Here are links to where you can find me in those places:


"Who are you?"

I am just a normal human.  I draw, play lots of video games, live indoors, and pet animals.

"What tools do you use?"

I make the roughest sketch you've ever laid eyes onto on a sticky note and then I make a slightly less awful rendition of that using Illustrator and a Wacom thingy.  The tool that activates after pressing the "B" key is my entire lifeforce.  Is that the best way to do it?  Who knows!

"When do you post?"

I'll try to post about [who-knows-when] if I have something to post.. don't want to just put something out there for the sake of it if it sucks, you know?  I mean, if it sucks more than what I normally post.

"Is that an ad I see?  I do not like ads!"

I agree, they can be super disruptive to page content, eat up all our data for breakfast lunch and dinner, and even have bad stuff in them.  I only use one Google Adsense ad out of the way so that's about as non-evil of ad-having behavior as I can imagine.  It doesn't expand or blink or any of that nonsense.  If you want to whitelist me on your adblocker, cool, if not, I understand!  I'm just doing this for fun.




"..As a random internet stranger, I am obviously incredibly interested in hearing about the things that you like.  Inform me on some cool stuff!"

SINCE YOU DEFINITELY ASKED AND I'M TOTALLY NOT LAME FOR CONTRIVING THIS SITUATION: Here are the things that make me wake up in the morning and inspire me to actually do anything at all.  Basically, what I'm listening to while doing stuff, or what I'm procrastinating with or thinking about when I should be being productive.

- Beautiful yarn work by @manohmandala

- Thoughtful podcasts by Cindy Aravena

- Super rad and uplifting music by artist Lights

- Super badass and chilling singing by artist LP

- The INFP subreddit and my people inside of it

- Games I like to play frequently include Animal Crossing, Pokemon, World of Warcraft, Mario Kart, Splatoon.. Basically just tons of Nintendo and then an mmo also.  But the GGOAT is...

- Coffee and tea, have you heard of those?

- Cats and dogs and BIRDS.  I actually like seagulls and pigeons, too.  Incredible!

- Other stuff that I'm clearly forgetting.

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