November 07, 2012


Remember a very important thing:

If you are alive and experiencing life, there is a possibility that you might go shopping for dogs sometime.

You might look at a pet store, a shelter, or contact an expert breeder person.

You might even take in a stray.

Maybe you'll just steal one. Try not to, no matter how cute it is.

Maybe you'll have two. Nope don't do that.

Whatever you do, don't just go with the first furball you see.  Keep your eyes open for other dogs.

The first puppy to stare at you might look cute now, but later you might look back and say "man, I thought that one was good?  Now that I think about it, I'm not so sure that was even a dog at all.."

(Hind-leg sight is 20/20)

The next one might be a bit better.  It might seem to make a lot more sense.

But if you move on from that one and check out the next shop, you might realize that the lines weren't even colored in properly.

Maybe you had one already and it ran away.  It's okay to feel sad, but just remember all the fun you had with that weirdly drawn thing.  Good memories keep you alive.  Also something or other about learning experiences.

Eventually you'll be glad that you experienced a variety of possibilities.  Everything in your life leads you somewhere.  Probably somewhere AWESOME that you wouldn't have ever expected.

Maybe your future dog is a secret part-time Pirate who wears cool bandannas and digs up treasure in your backyard and takes you on adventures.  Who knows?

And don't forget that you don't even really need a dog in the first place if you don't want one.  

Maybe you wanted a cat.  

Or maybe you don't want to clean up any poop of anything at all.

This is definitely a dating metaphor (for humans).

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