December 13, 2010

Happy Game Time

Since games are so totally amazing, they are bound to get glitchy at times. That's why they pay people to fix glitchiness.

But since those people can't be everywhere at once solving every problem, games have options to complain. And people who play games are huge complainers.

There are plenty of terrible options to choose from. It's kind of like how the news only has bad things to talk about.

But why do they have to be so negative all the time? Of course you will only get negative feedback if you only give negative options. Sometimes I wish that instead of reporting an error, I could report when I am having a particularly good time. Maybe brighten up someone's day working tech support. Give them a gold star.

I'd like to see options like these:


  1. Hahaha, I guess they know that if the guy is still playing the game despite of the problems, it might be because they still enjoy the game. I've seen people playing online fps games with over 225ping, which makes it almost impossible for them(or us) to get kills and they still don't quit. Anyway, I might just send an inquiry e-mail to someday some day telling how much I love them! Might give them a smile haha

  2. Rainbows!
    I even gave you an exclamation point.

  3. Thank you, Amy. I feel appreciated.


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