February 23, 2011

Coffee and Cubicles

I got myself an awesome job (finally) where I am basically an internet warrior. And my parents told me that ignoring the real world by spending my life on the internet would never result in employment!

Yes, I do internet stuff. At a desk. In a cube. Other great things include no uniform, no preparing sandwiches for angry people, and.. well, today I noticed that there is OATMEAL in the kitchen place.

Anyways, the other day I was definitely writing an ARTICLE... How useful is that? SO much more useful than slicing tomatoes. It was an article about fitness..

..written as I consumed endless amounts of caffeinated, teeth-staining bean-water.

But hey.. it's free!

I can feel the caffeine addiction returning--it was only a few months ago that I managed to kick soda, and now here I am again relying on a stimulant to keep myself awake! Maybe I will have some slightly-less-caffeinated tea tomorrow instead?

I love you, coffee.


  1. Don't knock coffee, or coffee will hear about it and unfriend you on fb.

  2. I love coffee. Tried to quit. This weekend of endless math assignments returned me to the habit....

  3. Hi, I'm here to feed your coffee addiction

  4. Monetize this puppy for fun, profit, and more coffee.

  5. I used to depend on caffeine too! This is going to sound completely NUTS, but... I think sleep is a decent substitute. Yeah, totally crazy right! I tried it for a while and there were none of the jittery, weird side effects that came with caffeine.

  6. I stumbled across this blog from someone who posted it on facebook and passed it along to my friend. I love watching things go viral/become popular. You could be the next toothpastefordinner.com or someecards.com

    I believe!!

  7. I found you on linkedin! while at work and I enjoyed your blog! your blog is like coffee to me LOL :)



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