March 06, 2011


New boyfriend and I went to the park that has ducks. Those are the best kinds of parks I know of. But, Since there is absolutely nothing to do in the town I live in, we had to drive to the next town over in order to feast our eyes on something as exciting as ducks.

Believe it or not, sitting indoors all day doing nothing but watching absolutely horrible programs on television can make you a bit stir-crazy. So that's why we tortured our vampiric skin and ventured out amidst the sun and the elements.

Once we picked out a nice park bench to sit on, we soon realized that there wasn't really anything interesting on pond television. Oh well. At least we went outside, right? At least we successfully reminded ourselves that there is a world outside of computer screens and keyboards?

Right when we were busy making pathetic attempts to justify our hour long outdoor "adventure," the geese came. They rolled up on us like they owned the place. They might as well have just shanked us right there on the spot with their ferocious dagger faces of bird beak death.

We had to admit we were a little intimidated. The two geese just stood there, glaring at us. We faced off, peoples to geese, for about 10 minutes.

Me: "Boyfriend?"

Boyfriend: "Yeah?"

Me: "Geese are mean, you know."

Boyfriend: "Yeah, I know."

Me: "Like, really mean, like, I have seen videos on the internet. That's how I know."

Boyfriend: "...I know."

More staring.

Boyfriend: "I can try to chase them away"


Boyfriend: "OH REALLY?! Because, if those geese tried anything, I would karate chop them right in their freaking necks!"

Me: "LOL"

Eventually the geese just wandered away and no demonfowl were harmed in the making of this post.

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